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Xutti Frutti
Xutti Frutti


PowerDiconde™ is a comprehensive editor for images from non-destructive evaluation.

PowerDiconde LogoIt is a Windows application for engineers and inspectors, who work on material testing and have to view, modify, or analyze images and their header data.

Technicians and engineers from all industries - like machine building or automative - controlling the quality of their products and components applying non-destructive methods can use PowerDiconde for easy working with DICONDE images.

PowerDiconde is the alias name for PowerDicom.

While PowerDicom is intended for working with medical images, PowerDiconde is the respective application for handling images from non-destructive material testing.

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You can download your free 30 days PowerDiconde Trial here.

Download now!Version:4.10.1
Size:5.5 MB

System Requirements: 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8.x/10

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