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DICONDE Solutions

Xutti Frutti
Xutti Frutti

Welcome to DICONDE Solutions

MHGS DICONDE Solutions provides consulting, support, services, and software for DICONDE.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any DICONDE-related question or problem.

What is DICONDE?

DICONDE (Digital Imaging and Communication in Nondestructive Evaluation) is a world-wide standard for imaging in material testing. It is also known as ASTM standard E2339.

DICONDE ist used for archiving images from non-destructive testing.

Engineers, technician, and inspectors from all kinds of industries deal with DICONDE. All savety-relevant materials and components procuced by the automobile, railways, aviation, aerospace, and naval industry, as well as parts and devices for powerplants (conventional, nuclear, regenerative) are checked for their integrity by methods of non-destructive testing.

NDT is also applied for certifying the genuineness of pieces of art. Or for security checks at airports or mail transport.

There are several more fields of application, like examining pipes, vessels, turbine blades, axles, electronics, ..

Many methods are available for non-destructive testing: X-ray, computer tomography, ultrasonic, magnetic resonance, visual inspection, eddy current, and many more.

Though this list is far from being complete, we hope that it gave you an impression of the various fields of non-destructive testing.

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